Choosing and Developing Junior Officers

This class will discuss Choosing and Developing Junior Officers which will answer these questions and much more.

As noted, we are combining the 5th and 1st District Masters Class during April with classes at Moses Paul Lodge in Dover (truly making us “Area 51!). The Districts were changed a few years ago and this is our attempt to generate some action with a different format. This date is the usual date for the 1st District and we will also have a class on the usual date for the 5th District of April 25th also at Moses Paul. All are invited to attend both classes and will have different subjects.
The Master’s Class is designed for those who will, or might, work their way to the East but also contains important information for any MM. All are welcome to join the circle for an open and free discussion. This is not a class room setting with a lecture. It promises to keep you awake !

Doesn’t the responsibility of choosing the right officers fall on the Brethren ?
Elected or appointed, what’s the difference ?
Should I wait until elected to the Master’s position before thinking about other Officers ?
If the future of the Lodge is at stake, why is that my responsibility ?
Do I draw up my “Plan for the year” first or select the Officers first ? Why ?
It is my year, why should I Include all Officers in the programs ?
Should others be involved in the Trestle Board ?
When I lay out my plan for the year, do I share that with others or let them just follow me ?
Now that the ritual is printed, we don’t have to worry if they have learned it. Right ?
And the questions go on. The program is set in a round table format with comments from all.
Please join us for the 5th and 1st Districts Master’s Class at Moses Paul Lodge in Dover Saturday April 15th starting at 9 am with coffee and donuts. An announcement about the class on April 25th will come out later.

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