The Master’s Message    Portsmouth Freemasons | St. John’s


Greetings from the East,


Happy October Brethren!


Thank you for all the well-wishes concerning my back. I have a compressed nerve caused by a herniated disc in the lumbar region resulting in Severe Sciatica. It has been a long journey but I am hopefully on the right path to getting well. I look forward to seeing you in lodge very soon.

I have missed an entire month of Masonry but we are lucky to have so many capable brothers to carry on the work. We voted on the budget for 2022, and had a successful Past Masters night.  These were two very important events that I will regret not making it to, mostly because of the menu on those nights: Lobster and Prime Rib.

We also assisted in the coordination of funeral services for brother Bear Freeman. Godspeed brother, you will be missed.

Please pay close attention to the Calendar on this month’s Trestle Board. Particularly the LOI on the 2nd. These are the details from the Grand Secretary:

We shall receive the new Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother David Scott Collins and his full Line Officers. The Grand Master requests that all Officers of the Constituent Lodges in each District make a special effort to attend the Lodge of Instruction in their District (however, attendance by Lodge Officers at any District LOI will be recorded). Attention is directed to the GLC Art IV.8.2, Page GLC 16 (GLNH Government pdf file page 36) which states (emphasis added): “It shall be the duty of the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and Secretary of the Lodges in a District, whenever the Grand Master shall call a Lodge of Instruction to be held for said District, to attend the same.” The Grand Master also requests that the Worshipful Master make an earnest effort to see that all Brothers who were Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason after October 1, 2020 are aware of the meeting. They should be told that it is a Communication that they are expected to attend, they will be recognized and that the program will be one of Masonic information and education that should be of interest to them. Dress for the event will be tuxedo and gloves with full regalia for all Grand Lodge Officers. Constituent Lodge Officers should wear their Aprons, Collars and Jewels. All MASTER MASONS are welcome and are urged to attend. A current Dues Card is required for admission to the Lodges of Instruction


Dinner is at 5:30 and Lodge resumes at 6:30. Thank you and I’ll see you soon.


Worshipful Jonathan Neihart,

Worshipful Master

Contact:  (phone)  603 300 9093