From The Worshipful Master

August   2018

The Master’s Message    Portsmouth Freemasons | St. John’s…


Greetings Brethren!


I hope everyone has been enjoying the incredible summer weeks the Great Architect of the Universe has given us. July has been a slow month for the Lodge. I intentionally tried to keep the business at a minimum to give the brethren time during the summer to enjoy with friends and family.

Our July 4th meeting was brief. RW Brother Dennis Tuttle joined us and delivered the Master Mason history for Brother Gavin Johnson. The treasurers report was waived and will be presented this month along with the proposed lodge budget.

Our next stated meeting will be our visitation. The format will be slightly different this year. We will be performing the first half of the Entered Apprentice degree. The Masters or Senior Officer in attendance from visiting lodges will be sitting with the DDGL and conveying what they liked and didn’t like about the performance. I think this format will be a lot of fun. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE any members reading this to attend and bring another member with them. There will be business that evening as well. We will be presenting the dues structure for the upcoming year which will be voted on in September. The ad hoc committee is still reviewing the by-laws and will be presented when they have completed their duties. Mark your calendars brethren! See page 7 for the upcoming visitation dates. thOur joint Veterans program with St. Andrews will be on August 29 . It is a semi-public event. This is a great opportunity to bring friends and family to lodge, see the Grand Master in our lodge, and honor our masonic veterans.

I look forward to seeing you in Lodge!!


Sincerely and Fraternally,

            Wor. Rob Johnson

PS. Brethren there will be discussions and proposals for Association By-Laws changes/amendments at the August stated meeting.

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