From The Worshipful Master

October  2017

The Master’s Message    Portsmouth Freemasons | St. John’s…


Greetings Brethren,


I hope Autumn has found you all well and warm with the addition of sweaters and coats back into your wardrobe. With the Fall season upon us, I would like to remind all the Brethren that this is also visitation season. I would ask all of you to try and make an honest effort to make as many as possible. The closest one is at St. Andrew’s, who will be having theirs on October 9th with dinner at 6 and the meeting at 7. If transportation is an issue to any of the other visitations, please call or send me an email and we will do our best to get you there.

I would like to thank all the Brethren that came out to the Lodge of Instruction on September 16th. Although the overall attendance was lower than previous years, I personally thought it was a very informative evening. The Grand Master’s message really struck home with me. He spoke of the ways we inform our friends or co- workers where or what we are doing when leaving work in a rush to get home to put on a tux. Most of the people I work with know that I’m a Mason and I get asked quite a lot of ridiculous questions, “where is the treasure”, “what’s it like to run the world”, etc. To which I usually respond with a sarcastic and exaggerated remark hinting at the ridiculousness of their question. But when asked what or where I’m off to, seems to bring out a melancholier answer. “Well, I’ve got to be in Candia tonight to do a presentation, it’s an hour drive, then I’ve got to drive home and I’ve got a bunch of paperwork that I have to do for tomorrow night’s presentation…” We ARE the face and voice of Freemasonry. We truly need to let everyone know we enjoy doing what we do. If we are to change the common misconceptions about Freemasonry, it needs to start with us.

At Our Stated Meeting, We will be having “Step-up Night”. I have asked our Senior Warden, Rob Johnson, to sit in the East for the meeting and the other officers to move to their expected stations, as well as those he plans to appoint, if elected. I hope that many of you can make it out that night to show our expected slate of officers for 2018 plenty of support and help them feel rather comfortable in their new positions.

Also, due to an over use of our parking lot, the Masonic Association has asked that all Brothers to display a Masonic emblem on their car if you plan on using the lot. If you do not have an emblem, they are also for sale for $1. I would hate to hear your car got towed because you didn’t have one displayed.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Wor. Floyd Caron

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