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Greetings Brethren!

I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family!
In the spirit of the season, I was fortunate enough to spend an evening just before Christmas in the company of Dale Sprague and Jason DeStasio at Lydia’s House of Hope in Somersworth. What a wonderful event, as always! Brothers Isaac Davenport (aka “Santa”) and Scotty Adkins (aka “the elf”) were on the scene to hand out gifts to our friends at Lydia’s. This was a complete team effort which included the help of Wor. Brothers Dan Stolworthy and Tom Haslam, along with Dale Sprague, who took the ladies shopping with the monies donated by you, our Brothers! This is such a great effort every year and if you feel the need to be inspired, come out next year and enjoy the festivities! This is why we are Masons. The ladies at Lydia’s presented us with a hand-made plaque which we passed around at the last Stated Communication. We will certainly be hanging the plaque for all to see.

Thanks to all who helped make my first Stated Communication be so successful! We had a very busy evening with the vote for Secretary and Assistant Secretary as well as a vote of the St Johns Masonic Association and the installation of Officers. Congratulations to Wor. Brother Tom Haslam, who is now our new Secretary, and Wor. Brother Peter Preteroti, our new Assistant Secretary. And a very special thanks to RW Brother Floyd Caron and RW Robert Sutherland for all your time in the Secretary’s positions. I am confident that, with your help, and support of the new officers, we will be successful in the future.

Congratulations to all of the new officers of St Johns Masonic Association! Granted, a little difficult to get to the finish line this year with the various voting and meetings, but we are complete. We will no doubt be doing some early work on some minor changes to the By-Laws. But the future looks good for our Lodge. Keep in mind Brethren, you are all members of the Association. Your help and input will only keep our building looking and performing well for future generations! The Association meets at 5pm just prior to the Stated Communication. Hope to see you there!

Thanks also go out to Most Worshipful John Lobdell and Most Worshipful Stuart Aronson who joined me in the East for our Special Communication and helped with the voting process for both the Lodge and the Association. Thank you both for your support.
Finally, we have a busy month upcoming with our Stated Communication on February 6, 2019, a Master Mason Degree on February 20, 2019 and of course, the four square with details to follow. I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Sincerely and Fraternally,

Worshipful Gregg W. Annis


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Gregg Annis, Worshipful Master

Tom Haslam , Secretary




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Wor. Gregg Annis ,  Master:   e-mail –   .com

RW Floyd Caron ,  Secretary:   e-mail –         tel.  207-577-3028

RW Robert L. Sutherland Jr., Asst. Secretary:  e-mail –     tel. 603-828-5246