From The Worshipful Master

January   2018

The Master’s Message    Portsmouth Freemasons | St. John’s…


Greetings Brethren,

Greetings! First and foremost, thank you to all who were able to attend the installation of officers. The roads were less than ideal that day due to snowy conditions, so I appreciate the many brethren, friends, and family members who had a long drive that afternoon for making the trek out. I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to RW Brother Bill Sawyer who played a key role in organizing and conducting a fantastic and memorable ceremony! I am truly grateful to all for making it one of the most memorable experiences of my life and am beyond honored, excited and proud to serve as Worshipful Master of St. John’s Lodge #1 for 2018!

 Congratulations to all the newly elected and appointed officers! You have all shown dedication and passion for our Lodge, and I couldn’t be happier to have such a fantastic team to work with this year. I’m looking forward to what I’m sure will be a very successful year.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to RW Brother Floyd Caron, who, during my transition from the West to the East, did a phenomenal job in assisting and preparing me for what was to come. I would also like to thank and congratulate Floyd for stepping into the role of Secretary this year. His organizational skills will play a key role in the success and operation of our Lodge.

In addition to the new elects, this year we had a change to the Treasurer’s station. On behalf of myself and the brethren, we express our deepest gratitude for the years of dedication that Worshipful Brother Verne Anderson has served with dignity as Treasurer of St. John’s Lodge. I hope to see you on the sidelines and appreciate your support for the upcoming year.

Looking ahead, we have many events already in the planning stages. We will have an EA rehearsal and officers meeting on January 24th @ 6:00 PM. I will also be working closely with my officers and committee members to make meeting nights exciting and improve the fellowship in our Lodge.

To touch on an event that took place on December 13th, we had one of the best Master Mason degrees I’ve ever seen take place. It was performed by the Military Degree team with over 60 brethren in attendance! Most Worshipful Brother, John Gordon, coordinated and executed a spectacular degree. It was an honor to see so many men of our armed forces in uniform that evening. Thank you all for your sacrifice and service.

An important note, Brethren, I will ask that if you plan on joining us for dinner, PLEASE RSVP! Along with Worshipful Tom Haslam’s monthly evites, you also have the option to RSVP through the website. This is important for many reasons, but primarily so we can have the necessary amount of food to feed everyone.

 Last, but not least, I am asking for your help and counting on you as Master Masons to make this year a monumental success. Come join us at Lodge and find out why St. John’s is #1!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Wor. Rob Johnson

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RW Floyd Caron ,  Secretary:   e-mail –         tel.  207-577-3028

RW Robert L. Sutherland Jr., Asst. Secretary:  e-mail –     tel. 603 828 5246