SPECIAL NOTICE:  In response to the CORVID-19 Pandemic and recommendations from Federal, State, and Local Health Agencies; the Grand Lodge of NH GM’s Edict of 16 March 2020 and with the upmost concern for the health and safety of our brethren and their loved one’s –  the SJMA has reached the decision to close the building to meetings, meals, activities or assemblies for the foreseeable future.  The only exceptions to this will be (1) maintenance and repair personnel  (2) Small Group meetings of no more than 10 and  (3) Those masonic events scheduled for the remainder of the month that were reserved before March 15 2020  (although the SJMA encourages these events be cancelled).  The third exception listed above will NOT extend beyond March 31.  No meetings or activities will be scheduled for non-Masonic and private events.  The SJMA will reevaluate this policy at the end of each month (including March 2020) and make adjustments in accordance with updates issued by those agencies noted above

The Saint John’s Masonic Association [SJMA] is a non-profit corporation established to oversee and manage the business and properties entrusted to the Association by the members of St. John’s Lodge No. 1.  The Association is governed by an elected  Board of Trustees and officers who oversee the maintenance, repair,renovations and any new construction relating to the Portsmouth Masonic Temple and its campus.  The Association also schedules the use of the building by both masonic and non-masonic organizations and determines any and all eligibility requirements and policies relating to building use.

Currently The SJMA meets at 5:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month.  Meetings of the Association are open to all Masons.

To view the Association’s Master Calendar Schedule for the Portsmouth Masonic temple:

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