Portsmouth Masonic Temple Auditorium Facilities Rental Information

Rental Information Instructions

The Portsmouth Masonic Temple’s Auditorium area is available for rental on a limited basis to  approved non-profit organizations of an educational, charitable, philanthropic, or other approved nature that intend to use our facilities for other than fund-raising purposes.  If you or your organization is interested in renting the temple:


(1) Call Mr. Craig I Brown at  603 436 9208 [  c.craigbrown@comcast.net  ]  to check and see if the date you want for your function is available..


(2) Carefully review and complete the St. John’s Masonic Association Policy for Use of Lodge Property & Premises Form  and the Release And Waiver Of Liability Form (below).


(3) Return the completed forms to:

Mr. Donald Stevens:

522 Sagamore  Road, Rye, NH  03870  2042



Mr. Thomas Hand:

86 Clark Road, Rye, N.H. 03870-2031



Be sure to included your contact information  (phone, e-mail, and postal address).


(4) You will be contacted by the St. John’s Masonic Association concerning the status of your request once it has been reviewed.



Please Note the following:


The Auditorium area can seat approximately 110 at tables.

Maximum approved occupancy* is _ 338_.


Final approval for building use will not be granted until all required payments have been received by the St. John’s Masonic Association.


The St. John’s Masonic Association  reserves the right to have a representative present at any event or function taking place in the Portsmouth Masonic Temple or on its grounds.


*(per City of Portsmouth Fire Chief)

Policy for use of Lodge Building2


 Waiver and release – General2


The Portsmouth Masonic Temple Auditorium

The Portsmouth Masonic Temple Auditorium is located in the historic Wallace Hackett House on 351 Middle Street in Portsmouth.


The Portsmouth Choral Group “Voices from the Heart” performs at the Portsmouth Masonic Temple Auditorium in the summer of 2014.


The auditorium hosted a “Star Wars” themed event for the “Make a Wish” foundation in 2016.


Every April, scores of runners assemble in the Portsmouth Masonic Temple Auditorium before and after the annual Out of Hibernation 5K Road Race.