Master Masons Class for November 2018 –

Where?:  Star In the East Lodge,  Exeter, N.H. 

When?:  Wednesday, November 28th starting at 7pm.

The Theme?: 

Preparing for and Running a Masonic Meeting

This class will discuss Preparing for and Running a Meeting which hopefully will prevent the awkward situation of being “Boring.”   This is not just for the Master, it is for all of us.

Let’s make a concerted effort to get the Junior Officers of your Lodge at these classes.  It’s great to have The Past Masters present but the current Junior Officers will be leading you in a few years and we all need them to be well prepared.
The Master’s Class is designed for those who will, or might, work their way to the East but also contains important information for any MM. All are welcome to join the circle for an open and free discussion. This is not a class room setting with a lecture. It promises to keep you awake !
If you are to be installed into the East or just want to be part of a good meeting, don’t miss this open discussion.
  • What is the interaction between the Master and Secretary.  When ?   Why ?
  • No Roberts Rules in Masonry.  Who then leads the meeting ?  Only him ?
  • No glue on the Oriental Chair
  • If you don’t have a regular kitchen staff, how do you handle the food ?
  • What’s the difference between “Converse and Pronounce” ?  Why is that important if the Master is always in charge and always right    Or is he ?
  • If you have a special meeting, is it necessary to notify all members ?
  • How do you get the word out ?
  • What is the seating arrangements in the East ?
  • How do the Brethren ask questions on the subject at hand ?
  • What needs to be voted on.?  What is just approved by the Master.?
  • Should the Master have an agenda so that all will know what is going to take place that evening ?
  • Should the Master allow any question from the Brethren at any time ?
  • How are the Brethren recognized before asking the question ?
  • Can the Master, ask the question, second the motion and vote on the question ?
  • What if the vote is not acceptable to the Master ?  Can he stop the action once the vote has happened.?
  • Can he delegate part of the evenings work to others ?
  • Can he skip reading the minutes from the previous meeting ?  Can he skip the Treasurer report ?
  • What about scheduling the vote for the new candidate ?  Does it have to be done ASAP after the 28 day waiting period ?
  • How should the Master handle those odd things that happen from time to time ?
  • What about a Brother who does not “take no for an answer” ?  How should he handle that situation ?  What about a Brother who does not stop talking when asked ?
  • Is the Master required to have Masonic Educational as part of the meeting ?
  • Stated meeting are required as part of your by-laws.  How can the time of those meeting be changed ?
  • Should I plan for meetings over the next 6 months or is planning only needed for the next month ?  What if my plans are altered by events beyond my control ?
  • How long should my Masonic meetings last ?  Is there a cut off time for the meetings to end ?

And the questions go on.  The program is set in a round table format with comments from all who want to participate.  No pressure.

Please join us for the Master’s Class in Exeter on Wednesday, November 28th starting at 7pm.
Please Note:  Coffee n’ donuts are always available at 1st District Master Mason’s classes, but no meal is served

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